Pale di San Martino      Trentino from lake Garda to the Dolomites

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Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino.

                     ROAD MAP ITINERARY 14

Follow the previous itinerary (no. 13) as far as Predazzo. Here you turn right into the Travignolo Valley towards Bellamonte, Paneveggio (Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park Visitors Centre), the Rolle Pass, San Martino di Castrozza and Fiera di Primiero. Here take the Valsugana main road, or for the hardier, from Mezzana take the road for Canal San Bovo. Here Caoria and the whole of the Vanoi Valley are worth a visit. From Canal San Bovo carry on towards the Brocon Pass until you come to Castello and Pieve Tesino, going around the Rava-Cima Asta group of mountains. Continue through the Tesino area past Bieno, Strigno and Villa Agnedo, finally joining the Valsugana main road; from here carry on to Borgo Valsugana, Pergine, Trento and Molveno (see itinerary no. 11 backwards).


Kilometres from start


Height above sea level

Worth seeing

Ss 421





ss12 27 S.Michele All'Adige    
ss48 46 Egna - Ora 218  
  69 Cavlese 996  
  82 Predazzo 1021 S.Filippo Church
  87,5 Bellamonte 1372  
  97 Paneveggio 1512 Visitors Centre
  102,5 Passo Rolle 2170  
  112 San Martino di Castrozza 1467  
  125 Fiera di Primiero 717  
  129,5 Mezzano 637  
  139 Passo Gobbera,Prade 988  
  145,5 Caoria 817  
  164 Canal San Bovo    
    Passo Brocon 1616  
  181,5 Castel Tesino - Bieno 871  
  195 Strigno - Villa Agneda 459  
  202 Borgo Valsugana    
  238 Trento 192  
  280 Molveno 864  

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