Tour of the Brenta Group 2      Trentino from lake Garda to the Dolomites

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Tour of the Brenta Group with the Nardis Waterfall and Lake Tóvel (part 2)


 Val di Rabbi   

which comes out in Dimaro (776 m., 81 km from Molveno), a resort famous for winter sports (part of the Folgaria-Marilleva ski complex) and for river sports (canoeing and rafting) on the River Noce. In Dimaro turn left to go along the Sole Valley. After 7 km you come to Malé, the main town in the Sole Valley (738 m.). An interesting option here is a detour into the Rabbi Valley (1,095 m., 12 km from Malé), one of the most attractive in Trentino with its many villages on the banks of the River Rabbies. In addition to the spa baths, the Visitors Centre of the Stelvio National Park and the little museum of traditional cheese-making (Somrabbi) are well worth a visit. 20 km from Cles (and 108 km from Molveno), after the Mostizzolo bridge, you come to Cles. Keeping to the right you come onto main road 43 bis for Tuenno where the road for Lake Tóvel begins. From Tuenno follow itinerary no. 8 backwards: after 15 km you come to the Rocchetta turn-off and after 20 km you come to Molveno. The whole itinerary, including the visit to the Nardis waterfall and Lake Tóvel, covers a total of 184 km.
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Brez e Revň 

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The Predaia tableland and Santa Giustina reservoir.

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