Molveno  Spormaggiore      Trentino from lake Garda to the Dolomites

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Molveno - Andalo - Fai - Cavedago - Belfort-Spormaggiore - Parco Orsi--Molveno
At Santel, 1 km before Fai della Paganella, turn left towards Cavedago (road with steep downhill gradient). From here carry on towards Spormaggiore as far as Belfort Castle. Leave your car in the car park, near the hairpin bend, and turn right. After 400 metres you come to the bear park. Also recommended is the Museo degli Orsi or Bear Museum in Spormaggiore. Return to Molveno via Cavedago (about 15 km for the return journey only).

Andalo ( ph:Poli)

Fai della Paganella Ph: Banal


Castel Belfort

Inverno a Cavedago

Parco orsi a  Spormaggiore


Kilometres from start


Height above sea level

Worth seeing

Ss 421





sp Fai 5 Andalo 1042  
  20 Passo Santel - Fai 1100 ca  
ss 421 15 Castel Belfort 700 c.a Ruined castle
  15,3 SS.421, km 6,9   Bear area
  17,5 Spormaggiore 565 Bear museum
  22,5 Cavedago 864  
  27 Andalo  1042  
  32 Molveno 864  

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