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  Alberto e Maria ai Brentei Refuge

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altitude m.2175
location Val Brenta
number of beds 90
tel., fax 0465 441244
open  (indicative period. For more detailed  information call the refuge) 20.6- 2.10

The Brentei Refuge lies in the higher part of the Brenta Valley on a wide grassy terrace. It is relatively central for the classic excursions along routes with fixed rope supports in the Brenta Group and is linked directly to the Casinei, Alimonta, Pedrotti, Agostini and Dodici Apostoli refuges.

brentei_tosa_o1.jpg (35111 byte)

Behind the Refuge is the Canalone Neri ice wall which welds the Cima Tosa and Crozzon Brenta peaks together. On the right, going round the western edge of the Crozzon peak, is the start of the Martinazzi path which leads to the Dodici Apostoli Refuge via the Camosci and Ambiez hanging glaciers.

Access routes: from Madonna di Campiglio-Rifugio Vallesinella on paths  317 and  318 (Bogani Path).

difference in height  : m. 669 Maximum height : m.2182, Rifugio Ai Brentei
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Rifugio Vallesinella 1513    


Rifugio Casinei, sent 318 1825 1,00 1,00    here take  path 318 
Valle del Fridolin, bivio  2048 0,40 1,40  
Rifugio ai Brentei 2182 1,00 2,40  


Access routes:from Val Brenta on path 323

difference in height  : m. 1003 Maximum height:m.2182, Rifugio Ai Brentei 
Description:  access route less commonly used than others because of the great difference in height between the start and the finish. The central stretch of the Brenta Valley displays all the typical features of valleys penetrating the Brenta Group.
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Parcheggio Val Brenta 1172 0 0  
ex malga Brenta Alta 1687 2,00 2,00  
bivio 323-391 1704 1,00 3,00 fork to  Casinei Refuge
Rifugio Brentei 2175 0,30 3,30  

Brentei_e_b _alto.jpg (35614 byte)

Access routes: from Madonna di Campiglio, Rifugio Vallesinella on path 391 ( s.Violi)

difference in height  : m. 669 Maximum height: m.2182, Rifugio Ai Brentei
Description: an alternative to the Bogani path, this route comes over the Cima Fredolin ridge from the west, maintaining height. It has the odd difficult stretch.
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Rifugio Vallesinella 1513 0 0  
Rifugio Casinei 1825 1,00 1,00  here take path 391
bivio 323 2000* 1,45 2,45 * quota approssimativa
Rifugio Brentei 2182 0,30 3,15  

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