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Val Dorè - San Lorenzo in Banale

The Doré and San Lorenzo valleys offer a route to the Pedrotti Refuge that was followed by the “Sborzi”, the nickname of the family of workers who helped to built the Tosa Refuge. The valley runs from the south to the north, starting from the Prada meadows. Path 345 begins from the Alpenrose Refuge and climbs up a mule-track as far as the La Rì meadows; it then cuts diagonally across the Coste del Cor and goes in a north-easterly direction towards the Crona Saltere peak. Here it turns to the left (northwards) and begins the climb up the Doré Valley. To the west tower the rock faces of the Dos Arnal and Cima di Ghez peaks, while the slopes of the Cima Soran and Rossati (or “reddened” from the presence of red rock) peaks bound the valley to the east. After crossing the Rossati Pass (2,442 m.), the path begins the descent along the San Lorenzo Valley until, at about 1,980 metres, it goes around the eastern flank of the Piccolo Dos di Dalum peak.

sacco_b mov2.jpg (41632 byte)

The high meadows which lead to the Doré Valley, top right  

 Those who are interested in an alternative route to path 345 or who would like to aim for Molveno along the Ceda Valley can, with some care, cross the valley and take path 326 near the ruins of the Malga Ceda Alta. On the other hand, path 345 turns to the west to climb back up the Noghera Valley as far as the Forcolotta di Noghera pass (2,423 m.) where it meets path 320 (the Palmieri path) which links the Agostini and Pedrotti refuges. Follow path 320 to the east as far as the Pozza Tramontana hollow where the path meets path 326 which was already mentioned above. From here two branches of the Palmieri path (low and high, the latter having fixed rope supports at certain points) go northwards following the Pozza Tramontana (a deep hollow between the Monte Daino, Cima di Ceda and Cima Garbari peaks). Near the south-west flank of the Cima Brenta Bassa peak path 320 joins path 358 (the Brentari path) which goes to the east and leads to the Pedrotti Refuge in a short time.

Starting point Alpenrose Refuge, m.1074
Connections with public transport   autolinee Atesina spa sino a San Lorenzo
By motor vehicle until car park near Alperose Refuge
Nearest refuges or bivouacs   Al Cacciatore Refuge
suggested itinerary: towards the Pedrotti Refuge across the Rossati Pass: paths 345 and 320
Difference in height   m.1727
maximum height m.2491, Pedrotti Refuge
difficulty Tiring and demanding, little used
other itineraries  a) from the Al Cacciatore Refuge to the Forcella di Bregain Col (path 351, part of the Garda-Brenta route) b) Garda-Brenta route to the west passing the Costa de l’Ors mountain slope and the Mase Alte e Basse as far as the La Cros area on the Ambiez Valley road.

ghez_dalum.jpg (40897 byte)

Cima Ghez and Dos Dalum from Castiglioni (ph:M.Giordani)

Table of times between points and heights: Alpenrose Refuge- Pedrotti Refuge on path 345  and 320.
area height time from start notes, route variations
Rifugio Alpenrose 1074 0 SEE MAP
fork 345-345b 1541 1,20 Going westwards path 345b joins path 351 and from here a) to the north (turn right) towards the Malga Ben and Al Cacciatore Refuge b) to the south-west towards the former Malga Dorsino and then along path 349b towards the Mase Alte e Basse until you come to the Ambiez Valley road.
Passo dei Rossati 2358 3,40 -
Spigolo est Dalum 1980* 4,40 Cutting east across the Ceda Valley you come to path 326 and, going downhill, you get to Molveno or to the Malga d’Andalo by turning left a short distance above the ruins of the Malga Ceda Bassa.
Forcolotta di Noghera,bivio 320 (destra) 2423 6,10 Turn west and it takes about 20 minutes to get to the Agostini Refug
fork 320-326 (sinistra) 2414 6,25 A second way of heading for Molveno without passing the Pedrotti Refuge
Rifugio Pedrotti 2491 7,50 -

View of the Giudicarie Valley from the Dos Arnal peak (ph.M.Giordani)

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