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Val di Mezol - Mezol Valley

In Malè you cross the River Noce to come to the small village of Regazzini. Go past the rock-climbing practice wall, the forestry road from Plaz and the great fir wood until you come to the right bank of the Mezol Valley. When you get to the Refuge, follow a stretch of the road open to traffic as far as the meadows around the Malga Roi and then carry on as far as the Peller Refuger.

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The  Monte Peller from  Malga Clesera (ph:M.Giordani)

Starting point Malé , località Regazzini ( mt 764)
By motor vehicle until  car park Regazzini
Nearest refuges or bivouacs   Rifugio Mezol, Rifugio Peller
Main itineraries   path 374  to  Peller Refuge
Difference in height   m.1258
maximum height mt.2022 ,Peller Refuge

Table of times between points and heights: Malé - Peller Refuge
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Località Regazzini - Malé 764 - - climb up along path 308 via the Malga di Cles.
Rifugio Mezol 1485 - - -
Rifugio Peller 2022 - 3,45 -

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