Ceda Valley
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Val di Ceda ( Ceda Valley) - Molveno

The Ceda Valley is one of the valleys least used as a route into the Brenta Group. It has steep slopes all the way along the route except for the stretch between Ponte Romano and Coste del Bondai. At the end of its course the Rio Ceda river forms the Cascate di Ponte Romano waterfall. From Lake Molveno (823 m.) you come to the Ceda Pass (2,223 m.). The valley runs from the south-east to the north-west. The Cima Dion, Piccolo Dos di Dalum and Cima Ceda Orientale peaks bound the valley in the south-west, while the Cima Sparaveri, Monte Cresole and Monte Daino peaks bound it in the north-east

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 Val di Ceda  from  Pradel Tovre (ph:V.Viola)

Two ruined malghe or shepherds’ huts show that people once came up here. The absence of a bivouac or refuge along the route does not make the climb up this beautiful but wild valley very tempting: most people prefer to get to the Pedrotti Refuge along the better-known Seghe Valley.

Starting point Molveno - Romano Bridge
Connections with public transport   Autolinee Trento - Malé
By motor vehicle   not permitted
Nearest refuges or bivouacs   Malga Andalo 
Main itineraries   climb to the Pedrotti Refuge along path 326
  a) al at the Ceda Pass detour for the Forcolotta di Noghera pass and the Agostini Refuge
- b) near the Malga Ceda Alta ruins, detour along the San Lorenzo Valley to the Rossati Pass and the Doré Valley (Alpenrose Refuge
- c) near the “vela” (Coste del Bondai) you come to the Malga Andalo Refuge by continuing along the forestry road without taking path 326.
difficulty tiring but without any particular difficulty
Maximum height   m.2491, Pedrotti Refuge
Difference in height 1651

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The Ceda Valley from Lake Molveno              The Cima Ceda peak from Malga Ceda                                             

Table of times between points and heights: path 326
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Molveno -Camping road to Ponte Romano 835 - - SEE MAP
fork 332- 326 925 - - carrying on along path no. 332, you come to the Malga Andalo Refuge in about 1 hour
La Vela , fork forrestry road path 326 1174 - - the forestry road comes out near the Malga Ceda di Villa
rovine di Malga Ceda Alta 1888 - -  possible detour along the San Lorenzo Valley via the Rossati Pass and the Doré Valley (Alpnerose Refuge)
fork 320-326 2414 - - detour towards the Forcolotta di Noghera pass and Agostini Refuge
Rifugio Pedrotti 2491 - 5 hours -

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