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Ambiez Valley - San Lorenzo in Banale

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This is the main access valley for the peaks of the southern part of the Brenta Group. Furrowed by the Torrente Ambiez river, it runs for about 10 km from south to north, from Dorsino to the Ambiez hanging glacier. To the east, starting from the south, it is bounded by the following peaks: Crona della Violetta, Dos Alt, Dos delle Saette, Dos Arnal, Cima Ghez, Dos di Dalum, Cima Ceda Orientale, Cima Ceda Occidentale, Cima Garbari and Cima Tosa. To the west, starting from the south, it is bounded by: Dos Cadimon, Dos delle Fratte, Crona Vecchia, Cima Crona, Maruggini, Cima Forcolotta, Corno di Senaso, Cimon di Cresole, Tose, Cima Prato Fiorito, Cima d’Agola and Cima Ambiez. The numerous malghe or shepherds’ huts show the importance over the centuries of the grazing land in the Ambiez Valley. There are also numerous itineraries which run along the whole of the valley: across the Bocca di Ambiez and Bocca della Tosa passes it is possible to reach the main refuges in the Brenta: the Dodici Apostoli, Pedrotti and Brentei. A taxi service in the form of a jeep links San Lorenzo in Banale with the Al Cacciatore Refuge

Starting point

San Lorenzo – Baesa – Ristoro Dolomiti bar, 903 m.

Connections with public transport

Atesina Spa bus company to San Lorenzo in Banale

By motor vehicle

permitted as far as the Ristoro Dolomiti bar

Nearest refuges or bivouacs

Al Cacciatore Refuge

Main itineraries

Climb to the Al Cacciatore and Agostini Refuges

Difference in height

1,507 metres

Maximum height

2,410 m., Agostini Refuge

Other itineraries:

  a)      to the Alpenrose Refuge via the Forcella Bregain Col (paths 325, 351b, 351)

b)      to the Al Cacciatore Refuge via Masi di Dengolo, path 342

c)      to the Al Cacciatore Refuge along the Jon Valley and the Malga Asbelz on path 349.                                  

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Table of times between points and heights: San Lorenzo, Baesa - Agostini Refuge, path 325
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Baesa-Ristoro Dolomiti 903 - - SEE MAP
Malga Senaso di Sotto, fork 342 1578 - - path to Masi di Dengolo
Malga Prato di Sotto, 1671 - - -
. Al Cacciatore, Refuge 348 1821 - 2,30 path to the Malga Asbelz, Jon Valley or Malga Valandro
Busa dei Malgani, path 351 1960 - - path to the Rifugio Alpenrose via the Forcella Bregain Col
Rifugio Agostini 2410 - 4-4,30 many itineraries described on the pages devoted to the Agostini Refuge


The Ambiez Valley ( ph: M.Giordani)

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