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Right in the heart of the Natural Park and a classic way to the Brenta Dolomites together with Val delle Seghe, is the Pradel plateau. Thanks to the two Pradel cable-ways Molveno inhabitants and tourists alike will have the opportunity to spend a fine day close to the mountain tops. Apart from being the most convenient and environmental-friendly means of transport in the area, the Pradel cable-way offers passengers the opportunity to climb on top, without a fatiguing walk or a stressful car ride.Fifteen minutes of unique panorama, showing the Molveno Lake and the central part of the Brenta Dolomites.

Starting point Pradel tableland, mt 1320
Connections with public transport Molveno Pradel  cable car
By motor vehicle as far as the Val Biole car park, accessible along the unmetalled road from Andalo
Nearest refuges or bivouacs  Montanara Refuge, Croz Altissimo Refuge
Itineraries: a)Pradel, Croz Altissimo Refuge, Molveno
- b)Pradel Molveno via Tof path 
- c) Pradel Valbiole Piof  Molveno
- d)Pradel , Montanara refuge, Grotte path, Pradel
- e) Pradel, Malga di Tovre, Albi del Mont Vivaio Forestale nursery, Andalo
- f) Pradel Croz Altissimo refuge, Selvata Refuge, Malga Andalo Refuge, Molveno
- g) circuit of the Altissimo Gallino Group via the Clamer pass, Malga Spora, Dagnola, Dagnola
- All the itineraries for the Perse Valley or the Massodi Valley

the Pradel tableland and Lake Molveno seen from path 352

montanara_3.jpg (48063 byte)

The central chain of the Brenta Dolomites seen from Tovre, top station of the Molveno-Pradel chair-lift (ph:M.Giordani)

segtovre2.jpg (58213 byte)

Pradel - Tovre  cable car(ph:M.Giordani)

mucche_ceda_3g.jpg (41720 byte)

Panorama from Tovre

Table of times between points and heights: Pradel - Cima Croz Altissimo - Lasteri Pass - Malga Spora – Dagnola Pass – Pradel (path.352b, 344b,344,301353,352)
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Altopiano Pradel 1320 0 - SEE MAP
Rif. Montanara 1525 *cable car - -
fork 352b-344b 1850* 70 - along path 352b to the Dagnola Pass 
Passo del Lasteri 2286 90 - recommended ascent to the Croz Altissimo peak (metal cross)
Passo Clamer, fork 344b -344 2164 10 - go eastwards
Malga Spora, s 301 1851 30 - go eastwards
ex malga Cavedago, fork 301, 353 1810 15 - go to the south-west
Passo Dagnola 2130 50 - -
fork 353-352 2000* 30 - go westwards along path 352
albi del Mont 1515 30 - leave path 352 and turn right onto the mule-track to the Malga Tovre
Malga Tovre 1460 20 - go down the ski slope
Altopiano Pradel 1320 10 6 hours -

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