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Bivouac Baita Quetta - Malga Termoncello

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Property of the Municipality of Campodenno. It consists of two rooms, one of which is always open. The other, the sleeping area, is kept locked and the keys are available on request from the Municipality of Campodenno.


altitude    1856 m.
location Gruppo della Campa, Malga Termoncello
beds -
open All year round on request for the sleeping area, all year round for the living area.

access routes:  dal Lago di Tovel

area path height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Lago di Tovel,loc.RislÓ 339 1180 0 0 -
Malga Termoncello 339 1856 2,00 2,00 -


access routes:  from Malga d'Arza

area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Malga d'Arza 1507 0 0 -
Malga Termoncello 1856 1,00 1,00 -

s_338_e_busa_cadinei.jpg (38298 byte)

Path  338 near Busa dei Cadinei

m.campa_e_sporata_1.jpg (24914 byte)

Malga Campa e Cima Sporata, (ph:M.Giordani)

Connections with the others refuges

Malga   Spora Via the Malga Loverdina and Malga Campa with itinerary 339,370,338,301
Malga Spora Via the Bocchetta di Val Scura pass along itineraries 330,369,338 and 301

m.loverdina.jpg (42120 byte)

Malga Loverdina

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