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Malga Spora Bivouac and Bar

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altitude m.1851
location Pian della Spora
number of beds  Ristoro e bivacco
tel., fax -
open  (indicative period. For more detailed  information call the refuge) luglio e agosto

This is a malga or shepherd’s hut which has been converted into a bivouac and bar in the summer period. It occupies a wonderful site on a plain at the foot of the Altissimo Gallino Group and the Crosara del Fibion peak. It is roughly half-way along path 301 which links the Graffer Refuge to Andalo. Across the Clamer Pass it is linked to the Croz Altissimo Refuge and from the Lasteri Pass and the Dagnola Pass you can get to the Altopiano di Pradel tableland and Molveno. To the east, along the Cavai Valley and the Sella di Montoz saddle you come to the grazing land and the shepherds’ huts of the Campa Group and to Lake Tóvel.

 Malga Spora , mt 1851. On the left   the  Clamer Pass  (ph:Malesani)

access routes : from Andalo on path 301

difference in height: m. 809 maximum height : 1851, Malga Spora
description:  less tiring itinerary to the shepherds’ hut.
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Andalo,Maso Pegorar 1042 0 0 SEE MAP
Bosco Dagnola,fork 353 1350 1,00 1,00 following path 353 you come to the Malga Dagnola
Fontana Fredda, fork 302 1700* 1,15 2,15 path 302 come from Spormaggiore
Malga Spora 1851 0,45 3,00 -


access routes : from Molveno on path 352-353-301

difference in height: m. 1215 maximum height2135, Passo Dagnola
description: more tiring itinerary than the previous one but extremely satisfying for the wonderful views that it offers
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Molveno, loc.Croce 920 0 0 -
Val Biole 1200 0,45 0,45 Road to Altipiano Pradel
Albi del Mont 1500* 0,35 1,10 mule-track fork for the Montanara Refuge and the Pradel refuges
Coei, fork 352 bis 1820 1,00 2,10 -
Tof Valon,fork 353 1960 0,25 2,35 -
Passo Dagnola 2135 0,35 3,10 -
Malga Spora 1851 0,50 4,00 -


access routes  : from Spormaggiore on path 302-301

difference in height: m. 1286 maximum height : m.1851
description: Itinerary that climbs up from the left bank of the Torrente Sporeggio river
area height  time between areas time from start notes, route variations
Spormaggiore 565 0 0 -
fork Malga Prà di Giovo 570 0,45 0,45 -
Ponte della Selva Piana 1000 1,15 2,00 -
Brenzati 1475 1,15 3,15 -
Fontana Fredda 1700 0,45 4,00 -
Malga Spora 1851 0,45 4,45 -

spora_e_fibion.jpg (38400 byte)

Malga Spora, The  Fibion and the   Cavai Valley (ph.M.Giordani)

Beech trees cling to the sheer rock face of the Dagnola mountain, across which path 301 passes

IL lago di Tovel ( Val di Non)

Path 352 near the Coei meadows; top left is the last stretch before the Dagnola Pass

Lake Molveno seen from path 352 towards the Coei meadows. - enlarge

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