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                                                   DOLOMITI DI BRENTA  MOLVENO - HOTEL LAGO PARK


Molveno, Pradel, Tommaso Pedrotti Refuge and back excursion

Uphill height difference

Downhill height difference

Max. altitude

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m.1170 m.1170 m.2491, Rifugio Pedrotti ore 6,30 The height difference makes this excursion demanding

Route and description: a wonderful excursion to the heart of the Brenta Group via the Val Massodi

Da Molveno  ci si porta sull'altopiano di Pradel (m.1320)  con la cabinovia. Alla stazione a monte ci si dirige a sinistra, nord ovest, imboccando il sentiero 340 che si addentra con un bel tratto pianeggiante nel bosco per rasentare in seguito le incombenti pareti del Croz Altissimo. Il sentiero è ora scavato nella roccia a picco sulla Valle delle Seghe: si procede agevolmente e  in sicurezza grazie alla protezione di una ringhiera composta da fune metallica.

Altipiano di Pradel.jpg (155987 byte)       Lago_e _paese_di_Molveno_da_Pradel.jpg (126341 byte)      sentiero delle grotte.jpg (173022 byte)   sent_340_2.jpg (15314 byte)
The Pradel Plateau and the malga Tovre  ,                            Lake Molveno seen from the bucce lift ,                         The Grotte path and the Brenta                   , Path 340 under the Croz Altissimo

Here the panorama is breath-taking: in the North, beyond the impressive rocky terrace of the Naso dei Massodi, the steepest spires of the Dolomites are silhouetted against the sky and together they form the “ Catena degli Sfulmini” ( the chain of thunderbolts). To their left ( south) the unmistakable silhouettes of the Campanil Basso and the Brenta Alta can be admired. To the right the majestically towering Cima Brenta, 3150 m. whose north eastern walls caresse the Bocca del Tuckett.

 c.bren e vperse (Large).jpg (90672 byte)         Brenta_000157_RJ (Large).JPG (52439 byte)     bivio 322-340 (Medium).jpg (83818 byte)    bren e 340.jpg (698326 byte)
          Croz Refuge  and the Val Perse,                                                            Path 340,                                 Path fork 340 – 322,                      the Brenta seen from the path between the Croz Refuge and Pradel

The path ,(dug out of the rock) leads through a tunnel and then it climbs to 1430 m. From here it leads into the woods and then, after a few minutes, to the Croz refuge ( 1,40 hrs from Pradel) which is situated at the foot of the homonymous mountain ( 900 m. sheer rock face). It’s worth stopping here. The scenery is fascinating: an amphitheatre of towering peaks which surround the overhanging Val Perse unfolds before the viewer’s eyes. Here, paths 340 and 322 converge: path 340 leads to the Selvata Refuge and path 322 leads to the Bocca del tuckett ( after passing the path fork for Passo clamer and Malga spora, path 344, and the path fork for La Bocca Vallazza and the Pian del flavon, path 314)   

mont e brenv (Large).jpg (86745 byte)     s340_e_bren_Large.jpg (92259 byte)    v.seghe_da_gr_1_Large.jpg (118211 byte)    Molveno_Gruppo_ Brenta.jpg (99793 byte)
The Tovre Plateau,                                                           Path 340 and Campanil Basso,                                Val delle Seghe and Malga Andalo,              Lake molveno, val delle Seghe and Val di Ceda

This route crosses the Val delle Seghe and the Massodi river and then commences its climb up through the steep hairpin bends of path 340 under the lee of the Naso dei Massodi. After about 40 mins ( 2,20 hrs from Pradel) the Pian della Selvata oasis and homonymous refuge,( 1630 m.) unfolds before the viewer’s eyes. This tranquil and peaceful place is unforgettable and the view onto the Gaiarda Vallazza chain will remain forever in the viewer’s mind. From here path 319, from Molveno, leads to the Valle dei Massodi and to the Tommaso Pedrotti alla Tosa Refuge ( 2491 m.) The vegetation of tall trees gives way to the small swiss pines which cover the detritous screes of the lower part of the Val Massodi. The route continues northwards along a steep and winding path

Brenta_000150_RJ_Large_2.JPG (84724 byte)    s.319_dopo_selvata.JPG (117507 byte)    Brenta Alta_CampanilBas.JPG (57128 byte)   Campanil_Bass.JPG (67897 byte)
From the Croz Refuge to the SelvataRefuge,     Path 319 between the Selvata ref. and the Massodi Baito,       Campanil basso and Brenta Alta,               Campanil Basso and Sentinella

  The route continues across a river and a rocky crag and then to the Baito dei Massodi, which has been recently reconstructed by the Hunters of Molveno. Here the altitude is 2000 m. and the swiss pines  begin to disappear leaving vast  stretches of meadows which in summer are full of differently coloured mountain flowers: from the vibrant yellow of the windflowers to the deep red of the rosebay. On the horizon, the majestic peaks of the Central Chain of the Brenta Group stand proud in all their glory and path 319 points towards them.

Bocca_di_brenta.JPG (77214 byte)    Val_massodi.jpg (127025 byte)   Rifugio_ Pedrotti_2.jpg (131864 byte)   Laghet_Pedrotti.jpg (150665 byte)
     Westwards view from the B. di Brenta,                        Alta Val massodi and Casteletto,                  After the Laghet towards the Pedrotti,                    The Laghet

  The Pedrotti refuge nestles high up in the rocks. It seems so close, but in reality it’s 500 m. further up. The silence here is only broken by the call of the “cialde”, a mountain crow, or the characteristic noise of the cableway of the Refuge. From baito Massodi the path leads to the meadows of the homonymous valley and then ( 30 mins) to a plain named “Laghet” ,( there once were two karst lakes here). The landscape is unique: to the left the rock walls of mount Daino, in front the Brenta Bassa and the Brenta Alta, to the right the unmistakable shape of the Campanil Basso followed by the Campanile Alto, the Sfulmini, the Cima Armi, Torre di Brenta, Cima Molveno, Spallone dei Massodi and Cima Brenta. To the extreme right, north eastwards, Cima Sella, Cima Roma, the Gaiarda Vallazza group. The immense walls of the Croz dell’Altissimo complete this impressive picture.

 From the Laghet, after a 10 min walk, the path meets path 303, better known as the Sentiero Osvaldo Orsi or the Sentiero della Sega Alta, which leads to the Bocca or Tuckett Refuge in 3 hrs. 15 mins later, after crossing a rocky ridge, the path arrives at the old Tosa refuge and then at the Pedrotti refuge.. Total walking time from Pradel: 3,30 hrs

It is highly recommended to visit the Bocca del Brenta. From here the view onto the Presanella mountains and the Adamello is absolutely amazing. Furthermore, at 100 m. downstream, on the right is the mythical path of the Bocchette Centrali which brings, from the north wall of the Cima Brenta Alta, to the Bocchetta del Campanil Basso.

Pedrotti_e_Daino.jpg (139307 byte)   r.selvata_5_Large.jpg (163167 byte)    sfulmini2 (Large).jpg (90104 byte)    gente_a_rif_croz_inv_Large.jpg (180558 byte)
                Pedrotti Refuge and Mount Daino,                   Selvata Refuge and Cima Vallazza            Sfulminia and Campanil Basso seen from p. 340            
Croz dell’Altissimo Refuge

The route continues westwards along path 320-304 and circumnavigates  the spur of the Cima Brenta Bassa. Here the Pozza Tramontana acts as a stage to the backdrop of imposing rock walls of the Cima Tosa and the Cima Margherita on its right, the Ceda orientale and occidentale infront and Mount Daino on its left in the east..

mappa_pradel_pedrotti.jpg (191945 byte)
 Map of the route on kind permission of the publishing house Giralpina, via A Zardini 12 – 3034 Fagagna, Tel. 0432-800870 ( clic to blow up)

Further information and prices

The excursion is free if it is included in the formula “in the heart of the Dolomites”, see programme, and if the holiday is booked with the excursion package. The only costs not included in the package are those of  the mountain lifts from Molveno to Pradel back ( about 6,50 Euro per person). Food and drinks in the refuges are also not included.

  If for circumstances beyond one’s control ( bad weather, impracticable paths, unavailability of guides) or for causes not dependent on the hotel, the excursion should be cancelled there will be no refund but there will be an substitute excursion only if it is already in the weekly programme.The hotel management declines any responsibility for inefficiency or inconveniences in the transfers managed by third parties.

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