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 We have purposely omitted to indicate the times needed for the proposed itineraries and the place for night stays (if and when necessary), or the logistic possibilities for the return to Molveno.Trekkers themselves will have to obtain information on the conditions of the paths, the opening times of huts, the availability of bivouac keys,  opening time of lifts, and timetable and prices of public means of transport.We advise trekkers to obtain guides and maps.


319 Molveno Pedrotti: time needed  4,30 / 5

  322 Molveno - Tuckett: time needed 5,30

  322-303-319 Molveno - Bocca Tuckett - Sentiero Orsi - Pedrotti -   Molv eno: time needed - 9

 326 Molveno - Ceda - Pedrotti: time needed 5

326-320 Molveno - Ceda  Agostini: time needed 4,30- 5

NB. The paths with three-figure numbers (and starting with a 3 for the Brenta Group and with 6 for Paganella) are classical CAI-SAT itineraries

The times shown are approximate times and refer to an average speed of 1km every 20 minutes walk. In the case of itineraries with large vertical descents we estimated an average 300m vertical descent every hour and 500m or more  in the case of down-paths.

 The degree of difficulty is therefore directly correlated with the length, the vertical descent and the characteristics of the path.                                                                                     

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