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"The whole picture, more than any other alpine scene, recalled to mind some imaginary landscape, painted by a great artist………….."

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Such were the emotions that the sudden view of the Molveno Lake had stirred in the poetic soul of Douglas W.Freshfield. In 1875 onboard a ramshackle old cart pulled by sturdy oxen
the English poet was venturing towards the Trento mountains. After labouring up the road to the  Moline village and then up to the Nembia plain,the poet was struck by the unique scenery of

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a vast and blue stretch of clear and pure water, surrounded by the breath-taking Brenta Dolomites, with their tall tops silhouetting against the blue alpine sky.
For centuries the village of Molveno has led its calm existence  gently crouched on the lake shores and the mountain tops. More than a century has gone by since then. Tourism, taste and preferences have changed. And yet, despite the many changes, all guests cannot but agree on the famous definition of the Molveno lake given by Antonio Fogazzaro: “precious pearl in an even more precious jewel-case"  

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