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       Notify possible sources of danger and risk caused by  inadequate maintenance of the paths

       Do not leave trace of your hike, bring back any litter and  anything which is not part of the natural environment

       Inform foresters about any dangerous or polluting material you found on your hike

       Note and notify the office responsible about possible inefficiencies or any  inadequate signals you found on your hike

       Do have maximum respect for animals and plants, also for aggressive animals and poisonous  plants

       Share your comments/suggestions from the (very important) viewpoint of the user, with respect to the excursion made (you can send us a letter with your comments)

       Avoid engine-driven means of transport, as far as possible: prefer collective means of transport, either public or private

       Avoid using bikes on hikersí paths

       Avoid using radios or walkmans (use headsets)

       Be careful not to eat berries and especially  mushrooms

       Be careful not to cause landslides, stone-falls, fires

Those who will adopt these very simple recommendations will, by so doing,  contribute to minimising problems to the alpine ecosystem.

For this  reason we thank them in advance
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ph:Donini C.

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